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Great Offers From Dunlop & Falken Tyres

Until 10th January Dunlop and Falken Tyres both have an amazing offer. Buy your tyres from their offices in Khartoum, IDCO and Madani, and then claim an amazing prize. You can win up to 100% discount off your purchase, or special mystery prizes. Click ‘I’m Going’ to find out more.

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50% OFF at Lava Monday 3rd December

50% off all sweets at Lava on 3/12/2018 for 1 day


Cupcake Gallery – Khartoum

Delicious Cupcakes in Khartoum on Omak Street for just SDG5


Ni3ma 50% Off Kofta Sandwich

50% off Ni3ma Kofta Sandwich on 14th May 2018


Al Sultan 50% Off Everything

50% off everything including Arabic Ice Cream and all Sweets at


TimeOut 50% Off All Food

50% off All food at TimeOut for a limited time.


TimeOut 5D Cinema Buy One Get One Free

Buy one ticket and get one free with this incredible 5D


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What is Wfir?

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Wfir For Your Business

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